How to join my Diablo 2 server:

1. Download this file:

2. Extract to the drive you want to install Diablo to.  You must DELETE any other Diablo II folder(s) or make sure it is renamed to something else before installing this one!

It will create a folder of the same name as the Zip file with two folders inside:

3. Open the 'Original' folder and double-click on installer.exe:

4: You will need your Diablo 2 Key for this.  You can use your Blizzard key from your 'Account Settings' -> 'Games & Subscriptions' in the Classic Games section for Diablo 2 (you will also need the Lord of Destruction key later so don't leave this area yet).

5. Follow the instructions and install Diablo 2

6. When installation is complete, exit the installer.

7. Go back up a level to the other folder called 'Expansion'

8. Once inside the 'Expansion' folder, double-click on install.exe and enter your Lord of Destruction key from the same area you got the Diablo key in step 4 above.

9 Complete the installation as prompted and exit the installer once finished.

10. Download this file: and extract the contents to where the Diablo II.exe is located.

11. Run glide-init.exe

12. If you need to, click the Deutsch/English to switch it to English translation

13. Click on 'Settings' and make sure 'Keep aspect ratio' is checked and 'desktopresoluion' is checked.

14. Click on 'renderer', then click on OpenGL-infos and watch the middle area for texture-memory.  When you get that number you can click on renderer again and then change the number to then number you just saw (or you can leave it alone)... this just give more available texture memory for better graphics. 1024x1024 is ok set like that and make sure 32 bit rendering is checked.

15. Close the application.

16. Right-click on Diablo II.exe and left-click on 'Create shortcut'

17. Once the shortcut is created there, right-click on the shortcut and left-click 'properties'

18. Add -w -3dfx after the last quotation mark in the target field, then click 'Apply' and then 'Ok'

19. Start the game with the new shortcut to make sure it opens and runs correctly.  Once it does, exit the game and proceed to the next step below.

20. Download this file: LODPatch_113c.exe place it in your Diablo 2 directory where Diablo II.exe is located.

21. Run LODPatch_113c.exe

22. You will get an error when it completes, it is because it didn't run the graphics settings we just created... use alt+tab to get out of the error and then again if necessary, then press spacebar to close it.

23. Download this file: BNGatewayEditor.exe and unzip the contents to where Diablo II.exe is located.  You will have a new folder of the same name as the zip file.

24. Run BNGatewayEditor.exe. 

25. Click Diablo2/Diablo2Exp at the bottom.

26. Click 'Add Gateway' and for Name enter D2CS, for Zone enter 6, and for IP enter, click Ok, click detect gateway, then if it connects, click set to chosen gateway.

27. Click 'Ok' then close the application.

28. Start Diablo 2 with your new shortcut (you should copy that shortcut and paste it on your desktop)

29. Once in the game select 'Other Multiplayer'

30. Then select 'Open'

31. Then select 'Create New Account'  OR If you have done this step before you can enter your password and login

32. If you are creating your account, choose your password and then verify it

33. Skip the email address section

34. Pick your class, like normal

35. Create or join a server.  If creating, choose a name... see step 36...

36. Choose name and click 'Create Game'. The game should start.. Tell anyone you want to join the game what the name is and they should be able to join if they followed this tutorial.